Kongoni Community Library is already operational and it is the first of its kind within the Sub-County to promote education performance of student and reading culture for the community. The USA-based NGO, American Friends of Kenya (AFK Inc.), an organization that aims to promote literacy and the culture of reading among communities in Kenya, was the first to support this project through the donation of books, shelves and other logistics. These items have gone towards partial support to the library.

Africa Untamed Wilderness Adventures (AUWA), a tour operation company based in Nairobi and other well wishers, through ADCBO, has also donated some reading tables, seats and helped with the construction and equipping of the library reception.

The Library has three main functions, firstly, is to provide information to those individuals responsible for rural development programs through a Community Library Management Committee (CLMC). These individuals are responsible for interlinking the library to the community and also addressing social and development problems the specific area they originate from as well as bringing feedbacks. Secondly, the library supports rural education programs, including adult literacy classes and rural schools and lastly, the library serves as a center for community education and culture.

Project Activities

The project activities will include the purchasing and installation of equipment.

In terms of immediate outcome, the furnishing of the library provides library users a good study environment for the community. Given that this is an urban/rural area with limited infrastructure, the library will help local students, workers, farmers and general public in terms of providing access to information in a more humane condition.

It is expected that the provision of equipment will improve the learning environment for all beneficiaries. Other outcomes both short and long will be determined by the management committee's score card during monitoring and evaluation.

Given that this library is the first of its own kind in Likuyani , it is quite relevant in terms of providing access to information, provision of study space for students (at all levels of education); in cases where studying at home is not an option. It also inculcates and introduces the youth and elderly population to a good reading culture and study habits which helps in building a literate rural population. As such the beneficiaries of this project are local students (at all levels of their education), College students as well as the elderly who receive literacy courses and local policy makers who can access information from the library. The library project is quite important as it benefits all members of the community, male, female, student, and youth, elderly and physically challenged.


The main purpose for this department is to create an IT centre for self supporting reasons. When fully equipped and operational, this is going to be the training centre in IT skills and create a cyber Café for the community. We are seeking for financial support for desktop computers and/or laptops to equip the IT room