Our aim is to support The Akhonya Development Community Based Organisation to become self-sufficient and to bring about change which can impact positively upon the quality of life in Likuyani sub-county and a future where its inhabitants can live conducively.

ADCBO does not support projects or apply donations as “hand outs” with temporary or short-term outcomes. We believe in putting an end to aid without end and that each project we embark upon with funds raised must have a legacy, be sustainable and facilitate increased quality of life. We live and work in the communities who benefit from donations and projects.

We research the needs with our staff and stakeholders in the communities and guide projects, track impacts and measure results. We actively engage youth and children on issues which impact upon the environment , their health and lack of skills and we endeavour to address barriers which inhibit their development. No funds are spent in isolation, but rather with a purpose to bring lasting or long term results. It can thus be safely assumed that we have our ears and feet on the ground in each community ADCBO is involved in. We have a strong environmental, health and safety ethos and our projects reflect sustaining the environment and encouraging the Likuyani sub-county citizen to spread the knowledge we transfer to the community.

If you consider a donation in whatever form, kindly click the PayPal Donate button above. Our financials are stringently audited and we acknowledge all our donors.

ADCBO is Ubuntu (we are what we are through our association with others). Thank you for considering to walk the talking with us. We receive donations from many organizations and people all over the World. Every euro, pound, dollar, shilling and all the people helping are much needed and immensely appreciated.